On Hold but God is Working

It's been a year now since God deeply impressed me to pull back from my writing and speaking because we had some things to talk about.

At first I was only halfway obedient. After all, wasn't I doing all this to help people? Then I buckled down and made Him my focus. I spent more time in the word and sought Him for what He is after. Learning the writing speaking world is a lot of work but after all my zealous efforts to learn and do, He wanted me...time with me, how amazing and wonderful is that. Because I needed that time. My Heavenly Father knew I wasn't ready. I was willing, I was dedicated, but not healed from some difficult life situations and heartaches. He is using those situations to show me other ways to help people too. Aside from that, I needed to trust Him in a deeper way.

It seems He wanted to help the helper first. I needed some deep soul refining. Healing and knowing, just knowing His love in a deeper way. He also challenged what I believe, and took me to a new level there too.

It's been an amazing year, but it's not over. I still haven't been released, but I just wanted to let you know it may be a while yet.

I'm okay with that, learning to rest in Him and see where we're going with this. I know it's all good. Blessings to you, Bobbie