God Can Beautify and Resurrect Your Life

My life turned into a mess. I was working hard to have the life of my dreams, but it fell apart. I was so brokenhearted. My dream life was dead. I needed a dream resurrection. Just like David in the Bible did when He and his men saw that their families had been taken and their homes burned. David's men were hurting and angry. David was broken too, but He sat in the ashes of his life and encouraged himself in God. God brought a happy ending to the story and restored every family member and gave them the booty of the enemy. I read that story and was so encouraged. I needed Him to resurrect my dreams too. My life was a mess and God reshaped it to heal my soul. My life looks different than I thought it would but God is well able to take my mistakes or others mistakes in my life to create a new life for me. I know that to be a fact.

Did I get my life back the way it was? No, it takes two people to humble themselves before God and accept His healing. But my new life is so good. I love God so much more and instead of wanting my dream life, I want the life He dreamed for me. I have a great imagination but God's is infinitely bigger and better.

Does that mean other people get hurt in the "fixing"? Often they do. Sin spreads it's nasty tentacles of pain. In the wreckage of my life, people I love were hurt. From experience, I know one thing for sure, if they cooperate with God, He is more than able to heal their hearts too.

From my time of brokenness, I began to say,

"Life may not turn out like you thought it would,

but it can still be great!"

Be encouraged in God. He is well able to heal your broken heart. Well able to give you new dreams that are so much better than any you could dream up.

If yo have a life crash or a great disappointment, do you work with God and His healing process or do you work against Him? What do I mean by that? The Bible gives us the blueprint to healing. It works for all of His children. If you have asked Jesus into your life to be your Lord and Savior, you are His child and you can fall into His loving arms. You no longer have to do this alone. He and His word will guide you in the construction of the next step. Don't worry about the outcome. Just listen for the next step. Sometimes God may give you the big picture but usually He just gives you the next step.

God is very concerned about the inside of us. He gives us easy to follow steps to keep toxin's from hurting us. Jesus clearly said that we are to forgive, let go of anger, not gossip, not be jealous, covetous or envious, we are to love and not hate, we are not to lie to others, ...but He also tells us what He will give us in return. Do you want peace? Love? Joy? Patience? Happiness? Security? Significance? You can have them.

You can, but even though God wants to be gracious to you, you are the one who decides if you accept the gifts or not. You can choose to hold onto the negative emotions till you realize that God won't force good gifts into your full hands. If you will trust God and open your hands to release your bitterness, envy, hatred, jealousy...He is faithful to fill them with the sweet gifts He has for you.

Imagine that you chose a wonderful gift for someone you love. Imagine your excitement and anticipation as you drive over to their home, ring the doorbell, excitedly wait till the door is opened. With joy you hand your gift to them. Now imagine that your friend refused to accept it because he/she is clinging to a full armful of snakes that were constantly biting them with toxic venom. Would this grieve your heart? Yes, it would. We love ourselves, our friends and family, but God's love is so much deeper and greater than ours. How His heart must ache when we refuse His gifts and clutch our toxic emotions to our heart.

I didn't know what my new life would look like, and I was scared, but I leaned into God. I poured out my heart to Him and dug into His word. I knew that in my new life, I wanted joy and no fear. I was tired of being afraid. Even though I wasn't a Bible scholar, I did know that the good and the bad didn't mix. God plainly says do these things and don't do these. I decided not to clutch toxic emotions to my heart.

Are you making a new life for yourself? Or beginning to access your heart for toxin's? Know that your Heavenly Father loves you and has a great plan for your life. You can trust Him to fill your heart with good things. I encourage your to open your hands and let go of any toxin's you're holding onto. I can tell you from experience that having a heart that is toxin free is such a blessing. Toxins are painful, and given by the enemy of your soul. Give that gift back and slam the door on the giver!

I also know that God doesn't waste the love He plants in our life. We are to take the fruit of that love and share it with others. Yes, there is a message in my mess for someone else. God will put people in my life who need to hear my story. Do you think there is someone out there who could benefit from your story? That doesn't mean you have to tell all the details of your life, but if God brings a hurting soul to you, pray about sharing how God has healed your heart. You can even prepare your testimony in advance.

Do you think God wants you to share your story of a life resurrected? Or, are you a person who wants to let go of toxins so their life can be resurrected?

In the quest to enjoy our Soul's Beauty Treatment there are things we will need to do or allow God to do for us.

In the weeks to come we will be talking about the different types of toxins and how to rid ourselves of them so we can receive the good gifts God has for us. Get ready dear Friend, God longs to give good gifts of healing and cleansing to you...He really does love you so much!

"Life may not turn out like you thought it would,

but it can still be great!"

Dear reader, God can resurrect your life, and help you beautify your soul too. Where are you on your life journey of soul beautification?