What Kind of Love Do You Really Need?

"All you need is love..."

I agree with those words. How about you?

Most of my life I longed for deep love, but found love is more than the greatest love songs, the largest most expensive vase of roses or the most exquisite box of chocolates imaginable (and I love chocolate!).

Have you ever thought much about the different types of love?

Love is precious. Who doesn't want to be loved? Love is a word holding such weight, but in America we toss the word around lightly. We love people, the movies, the food we eat, our favorite sports team, our pets... and use the same word to do it all. The Bible, the greatest love story ever told, was written primarily in Greek. The Greeks were very specific when using the word love, using four different words to express their thoughts.

1. Storge is used for love within families, love of country, or just putting up with situations such as loving a rascal in your circle of acquaintances or family.

2. Philia is brotherly love shown in families or community. The person giving this love knows the person being loved, is sincerely speaking of general love or referring to activities enjoyed together. Do you hear it in the name of the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia?

3. Eros is used to refer to sexual love. Modern Greeks use the word erotas to express intimacy in sexual love.

4. Agape is used to describe God's unconditional love for His children. People loving other people with agape love are loving beyond their own selfishness. It can be used for family members love for each other. Jesus' agape love sent Him to the cross for us.

Picture getting a Valentine using the words listed above...

If you lived in ancient Greece or even today in Greece, expressing exactly how you felt would be clearer. Imagine receiving a valentine in ancient Greece. The mystery of how someone feels would be exposed.

Love in the Bible is clearer because of the Greek.

Saying, "It's Greek to me!" has always been a light way to say I don't understand. But when I learned the different uses of the word love in the Bible, I understood how specific God is about the depth of His love for His children.

God loves us with Agape love.

I agape Him too. In the dry, heart parched time of my life, all I really needed was agape love but didn't know what it was, how to freely give it or even how to open up to receive it. Understanding that God loves unconditionally is key to a beauty treatment for the soul. Learning about and trusting His love begins a healing process to eradicate the harmful toxin's in our souls. Opening our hearts to His luxurious love is more soothing than the finest, most expensive beauty cream. Picture it being lavishly applied into the crevices of your dry, thirsty soul. Now, imagine seeing your heart receiving and overflowing with love for yourself and others. Have you ever longed to be loved and love others with a more perfect love? Watch for my next post, "Real Love is a Sacrificial Verb."