The Love of the Perfect Prince

How do you get perfect love?

Little girl eyes watched Cinderella each year while my heart dreamed of the perfect prince I would hopefully meet someday. My prince would love me for me and fulfill all the longings of my heart. I needed that love so much. It was may dream that I yearned for deep inside. I did meet a young man I thought was a prince. He thought I was a princess too, but we found out that neither of us were perfect.

Neither of us could give the other what we really, what we needed deep down inside. The emptiness was too vast for human love to fill it.

Born with empty heart buckets.

It was so disappointing to realize I'd never get my deepest needs met with earthly love. I had been a Christian for years. I knew in my head that God loved me, but my heart didn't look to Him for the love I needed. I hadn't yet realized the truth about heart buckets. I kept looking to get my deepest needs met through people, things and my career. My hope was misdirected. Then the light bulb moment came. I learned that God created mankind with a place inside that only He is great enough to fill. The good news is, He wants to fill the emptiness with His love. He longs to fill it. I was living like a child stubbornly trying to drink water from one dry well after another. God didn't push me or make me see the truth. He just lovingly waited till I realized He's the Prince I'd been looking for all along.

Three buckets

The enlightening moment brought me relief and sorrow at the same time. Relief that I could find what I longed for but sorrow for all the lost years of misplaced thirst. Yet God stepped right up, lovingly filling my needs for security, significance and contentment. No chastisement, just open arms of perfect love lavished uniquely on me. I'm just one person, He has enough love to fill the heart buckets of each of His children if they ask.

What is a heart bucket?

I am very visual so I call the vast empty God space in me heart buckets. One labeled contentment, one labeled significance and the other labeled security. When I finally trusted Him to be the filler of my buckets I know God rejoiced with me. Good Fathers do that when their child reaches a milestone.

How to give perfect love? From the overflow.

Imagine my heart buckets filled and flowing over with God's love for others, and even for myself. Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Deep down I didn't really think I was worthy of love. Consequently I didn't love myself very well. How could I love others unselfishly if I was trying to get my needs met through them? Now my personal valuation of myself is not in the things of this world but in what God says is true about me. He says I am so valuable His son died to pay my sin debt so I could be adopted into God's family. Realizing this deep in my heart has been so sweet and fulfilling. Perfect love values the other person more than themselves. I can trust my heart buckets to my Prince.

Life sucking love.

Loving from the overflow keeps me from sucking the life from others to get my needs met. Hoping others will fill my heart buckets is asking something impossible from them. Remember the candy valentine hearts stamped with cute sayings like "True Love." God wants to give that to each of us.

"Be Mine?"

If you've never asked Jesus to be your Savior and Lord of your life, wouldn't Valentines month be a great time to do it? He extends the truest love to you saying, "Be Mine?"