What was it like to live in the Garden of Eden?

A Perfect World

Imagine living in a world where you were perfectly accepted. Imagine living in a world where you knew that you were significant. Imagine living in a world where you were always at peace. The reality is, there was once a world like that and our ancestors, Adam and Eve lived there. What would it have been like inside them? Emotionally they had it all. No worries. No relational problems.

How Do I Know That?

In Genesis, the first book in the Bible, the story of this perfect world is told. I read it and long to live there myself. God created all things and on this earth He placed a special garden. Earthly gardeners plan beautiful gardens but just imagine how splendid God's design would be. Into this beautiful garden He added the first two people to live in relationship with Him. Adam and Eve were so special to Him that He came down and walked with them in the cool of the evening. God created them pure and their spirit's were connected to God. Imagine being in relationship with another person whose heart held no pride, deceit, selfishness...the earth and the people were pure. However, God did create the first couple with choice because He wanted relationship with them. Not even God wants puppet love. He provided for all their needs, but to keep them pure and safe, He gave them one rule. Do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil because they would die.

The Perfect Emotional and Physical Bubble

Adam and Eve lived in this perfect paradise in harmony. Living, loving, in need of nothing and getting to take a walk with their God before going to bed each night. It's hard for me to fathom how this must have felt. In our world we live with hurtful words, war, death, suicide, murder, lying stealing and the ever present threat of atomic bombs. But our great great's had none of these concerns.

Betrayal and Bubble Bursting

Imagine having the perfect friend who knew you, loved you unconditionally, valued you and kept you in perfect peace and safety. Now imagine, someone else coming to you and saying, "Did they really say that? Are you sure they want to keep you safe? They could be holding out on you and don't want you to be like them...there is the fruit, it looks good. Go ahead, enjoy." In the garden, the devil slithered in to plant the seed of doubt in the minds of Adam and Eve and both chose to eat the forbidden fruit. Immediately life was different for them. The purity of their soul was polluted with the knowledge of good and evil. The spiritual connection to God was severed. Once perfect beings now knew what guilt and shame felt like and hid from God instead of securely joining the evening walk.

The Great Divide

Adam and Eve did not die at once but eventually they died a natural death. Before they died, they saw jealousy turn to murder in their own family. The greater death was the spiritual death that happened the moment the purity of their spirit was severed from it's connection with God.

Every person born after that awful day was born separated from God because we are all descendants of Adam and Eve.

In His Love, God Sent Love To Fix the Problem

Jesus was God in flesh. He humbled Himself to be born, grow up and to live among His creation and show us what perfect love looks like. He died a sacrificial death to pay for the sin of mankind and rose again to give people a new option. If a person believes Jesus died for their sins and rose again victorious over sin and death, they can surrender their lives to Him and know perfect love. Their spirit is connected to God and they have eternal life. In this world of pain and danger, we can live peacefully knowing that we are loved, secure and safe in relationship to God. Only He can lovingly fill the vast chasms of our hearts with security, significance and contentment so we can love others from the overflow.

Do you ever think about what it was like in Eden?