What was the big deal about one apple anyway?

Was it an apple or not?

I've wondered about this, have you? Apple, peach, pear, pomegranate...no one really knows because the Bible doesn't tell us. It doesn't really matter in the end because the fruit was not the problem. The choice to doubt God caused the problem.

Seeds of doubt

The evil one, the devil, the tempter or whatever you might call him, hissed the seed of doubt into the minds of the first man and woman. Until this time, they completely trusted God but now they had a new thought to consider. Much like children raised in the bubble of their parents love coming upon their real first temptation in kindergarten. Satan, the deceiver, slithered into the garden, planting the seed of doubt. "Did God reeeeaaalllly say that you would die? He's just holding out on you so you won't be like Him. The fruit looks ssssssso good. One little bite won't hurt you. Go ahead." I paraphrased this of course but the result is the same. Adam and Eve fell to temptation and bit into the lie that God wasn't trustworthy.

Sprouts of sorrow

Sprouts of sorrow began to overtake them as they realized the bond of spirit they once had with God was now severed. The Bible says their eyes were opened and they knew good and evil. Imagine the horrible clarifying moment when Adam and Eve realized what they had done. Sprouts began in them that were never there before. I can just imagine Adam's anguished voice in their first heated argument. "Why did you eat the fruit? Why did you listen to the evil one?" Tears streaming down her face for the first time, Eve replied,"Me? You're blaming me when you were standing there listening too! Don't blame me that you took a bite. Your choice is your choice!"

The greater loss

The greater loss was the loss of connection with God. Spirits that were once pure and connected to God now felt the loss of fellowship with Him. In one decision they chose to have a new nature. A sin nature. New emotions flooded their hearts. Remorse rose up like bile and they were ashamed. Every descendant of Adam and Eve are born separated from God. Yes, eventually they died a natural death but what they lost spiritually was the most devastating.

What was the big deal?

The big deal was, and is, mankind being born separated from God but Jesus Christ died to change that. He died to pay the penalty for our sin and restore our relationship with God.

The cleansing love of Jesus is the Big Deal!

I wonder what it felt like to walk with God in person, to know Him in sweet relationship and then to doubt Him. To betray Him. I know what it feels like to me when I fail and fall into great pits of sorrow to wallow in guilt and shame. Thank God that when we have Jesus as our savior we can confess, repent, be forgiven and the relationship is restored.

Knowing this great love has made such a difference in my life. How about you?