The True Light of the World

I love lights. Since I was a little girl the lights of Christmas have been one of my favorite parts of the Holidays. My parents wove strings of colorful lights onto our Christmas tree branches as my anticipation grew until finally the magic moment arrived. With our tree proudly dressed in the colors of Christmas, my parents plugged the lights in. My eyes shined and I crossed them just to have double lights!

My love for lights has not dimmed over the years. I took my own children riding around to see lights on houses, drive through light displays and even a snowflake street of white twinkling lights overhead. I sit in my living room near my Christmas tree and savor hot apple cider or hot chocolate while my eyes feast on the lights of Christmas.

My favorite lights of all are lit just before Christmas at our church’s Candlelight Communion. We gather as a church family, receive a candle, hear a message, and take Holy Communion. Our pastor talks about the value of our life's light in this world. The overhead lights gradually dim in the sanctuary till we are almost in the dark. I hold my candle along with thousands of other light lovers as our pastor lights his candle. He passes a flame from that one flickering candle to a group of ushers who also pass on the light to the congregation. Light at a time, row at a time the auditorium is gradually lit with thousands of flickering flames. I watch till the light reaches our row. My eyes reflect the glow of the flame as the light is passed to me. My candle flickers to life, casting its glow around me. Smiling, I pass the light on. Savoring the moment, I look at my one flickering flame joining the light of all the other lights glowing around me.

When the last candle is lit, the pastor talks about how powerful our lights are when combined to bring light to this dark world. Together we all hold our candle high and the room comes alive with a golden glow. That moment is the pinnacle of the service to me. It’s a time of sacred evaluation as I search my soul. Did I go through the motions of just another year or did my life reflect the love of our Savior to those around me? Do people know that I serve the Lord Jesus Christ with my life and hold His light high...or hide it?

Matthew 5:16, “Let you light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” NASB

In the recent past I was a broken hearted with only the flicker of a flame. I was a talker of Christianity but not a walker in love because I was too broken inside to give out much love. Our merciful Shepherd is the healer of our souls. I asked Him to shine His healing light of love into my heart and over time He cauterized the wounds so beautifully that although I can remember the hurts of my past, they no longer cause me pain. I just remember the salve of His healing love applied to my heart. Now I love from a healed heart that is overflowing with His love for others.

Psalm 147:3, He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. NASB

I pray that your Christmas is a joyful one but realistically, there will be many people who read this who are lonely, have lost a loved one, suffered disappointment, or have broken hearts from divorce like I did. Whatever hurt you may carry this Christmas, He is able to shine His loving light into your heart, heal it and cause a flame of love to blaze for His glory.

Dear reader, if your candle is glowing I encourage you to let it shine into the world around you. Find someone whose candle is only a flicker and love it to life again. Offer the love of Jesus, the healer of our soul, the original flame and true Light of the World.