Bobbie & Callie

Callie has now grown up to be a much loved inspiration for sweet and sometimes hilarious presentations and blog posts. Schedule Bobbie for a presentation or get your favorite coffee, sit, stay and curl up in a comfy chair to read, "Dog Tales" blog posts.

Events & Biblical Presentations



 Bobbie enjoys speaking to women's groups for seminars, events and conferences.  She also enjoys portraying women of Biblical times in presentations designed to relay the love of God in story to church groups of all ages.


Imagine the portrayal of the shamed woman at the well finally finding the love she has been looking for, Mary looking back over her life to tell the amazing story of Jesus' birth, or Mary Magdalene telling audiences young and old the wonder of the first Easter.


Contact Bobbiekingiliff@gmail to schedule a speaking event tailored just for you.

Bobbie portraying the Samaritan Woman at the Well. Living shamed and rejected, her heart was so thirsty till she met a man who changed her life forever.