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Be Quenched, Bobbie

Bobbie King Iliff

Live Life Quenched!

Has life left you searching for the elusive something that will satisfy

the deep and very personal longings of your soul?

Are you tired of trying to quench that longing?

Bobbie has great news for you!

In this uplifting presentation Bobbie will encourage your audience by:

  • Showing them the four basic emotional thirsts God gave them.

  • Showing how God lovingly designed us with thirsts only He can satisfy.

  • Giving hope by showing them God's plan to get those inner thirsts Quenched.

  • Convincing the audience of God's desire & design to give them a satisfying life that is quenched whether a person is a new, nominal or mature Christian.

In this uplifting presentation Bobbie will inspire your group by providing hope for a more satisfied life; giving you a plan to be Quenched every day

the way God designed it to be!

Put on Your Mental Tiara!

Do you realize when you are in relationship with God, you are His Princess?


In this fun, but meaningful talk for women of all ages, Bobbie will:

  • Inspire you with the truth of who you really are as daughters of the King.

  • Help you trust the character & integrity of your Father, the King. 

  • Discover Princess privileges & benefits designed by our loving Father to give you practical ways to carry yourself like a Princess in a common world.

  • This talk is perfect for Women's special events, or Mother & Daughter events.

  • Unbelievers will learn that God wants to lovingly adopt them as His eternal child and new, nominal or mature Christians will be inspired to a closer walk with Father God. 

Bobbie will teach your group why and how to wear their mental tiara as they walk out their God given identity in their own personal kingdoms!

Beauty Treatments for the Soul

The world see's beauty one way, but God sees it entirely differently.


Be encouraged as Bobbie shares with you how you can:

  • Be beautiful in God's eyes, and the eyes of those around you.

  • Get a "Faith-Lift," from the word.

  • Shine with inner beauty from God's makeover.

  • Brighten your eyes with hope.

  • Eliminate your inner beauty destroyers.


Shine with beauty from God's word, the Bible, as Bobbie shares ancient beauty secrets that cleanse, renew and revitalize to help you live a life free of soul toxins. Lavish your group with God's ultimate beauty treatment!

The Dog Tales & Laugh Lessons of Three Blondes

Unleash your troubles, relax with your friends and laugh! Bobbie shares Biblical

life lessons learned from her dogs in this uplifting presentation inspired by two

lovable yellow lab mixes.

In this presentation Bobbie will teach you how to:

  • Learn the life changing value of your Master's unconditional love.

  • Recognize the signs of security and insecurity in your life.

  • Realize the power of truly belonging to this family.

  • Rest trustingly in the character & integrity of your Master.

  • See how your master values you, chose you, and paid the price to take you into His family. This talk is appropriate for new, or learning believers and their unbelieving friends.


Give your group a treat with this presentation! Its sure to have you laughing, and maybe shed a tear. The power of the Father's amazing love gives hope in these true tales of three blondes.​ Contact Bobbie to schedule this presentation for your group. Sit. Stay. Enjoy Dog Tales, and go home with a greater knowledge of the Father's loyal love!


How to Splash Joyfully through the

Dirt & Puddles of Life

Bobbie reaped a harvest of spiritual lessons from her gardening successes

and failures. She shares the wisdom gleaned over time as God tended the

garden of her soul with transparency and humor.

Does your group want to walk through their days in peace and joy - regardless of the storms of life? In this enjoyable talk, your group, non-Christians or Christians of all spiritual maturity levels will gain a greater understanding of the Master Gardeners love for them by: 

  • Understanding the Master Gardeners original garden design

  • The perils of deciding to garden without a manual

  • The disappointments of tending and gardening in our own wisdom 

  • See the Master Gardeners patience in giving do-over drought lessons   

  •  Learn the way to experience peace and joy when your life's crops fail

  • Hearing God's faithfulness to us in tilling, planting, and harvesting in the ashes of life

  • How to reap personal bumper crops from the Master Gardener  


In this talk, your group, (gardeners or not!) will be inspired to sows seeds of spiritual success planted for greater dependence on the Master Gardener of our souls. 

Recalculate My Route ?

Help! I Need A New GPS. "Go left. Go right... It's so easy to cross the

double yellow lines and take a wrong turn. I know. I was cruising on the journey of my lifetime, but my mistakes, the mistakes of others, and unexpected turns forced me to recalculate my route. How did I discover which of life's roads to take and get back on track? I've had years of experience figuring that out. Let me be a GPS for you and your group.

  • I'd love to share the potholes

  • Tell you about the people who were sign posts along my route who made my journey easier (when I listened!)

  • Learn the mile markers that guided me

  • How to lose your way with a heavy foot on the gas and avoid speed traps

  •  Oh, let's not forget Cruise Control! That's my favorite travel tip."

Traffic Sign
Gardening Shears