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Dear Reader, I wanted to share with you how Quenched came to be and some of my story too.

We all want to live in joy but many of us settle for happiness. Happiness is good, I'm not knocking it but at its wonderful best its still circumstantial and fleeting. I've lived long enough to know there is something better than happiness. It's true. I looked for happiness in people, career, talents, places, the past, and the future too. All those things ended up being a dry well. Somewhere deep inside I was so thirsty for something more. I didn't know any better so I just kept drinking from one dry well after another.

Finally I learned that joy doesn't come from happiness. Joy is from God. He gives us joy deep inside where circumstances can't take it from us. Learning this was a process for me. You see, I'd asked Jesus into my life years earlier but held out parts of my heart because I just hadn't come to trust Him yet. He was patient and loved me along from experience to experience till my faith was stronger. Over time I learned that He was all that His Word says He is. So, it was not a light bulb moment for me but a path of growth. My problems were complex but finally I learned that the answer is simple, simply wonderful. I found that Jesus is the answer. He is greater than any problem I had.

For years I'd heard people talk about having a relationship with Jesus and it went right over my head. I loved Him. I was a Christian wasn't I? I grew to learn more about Jesus and today my life is a sweet life in relationship with Him. Does that mean that life will always be smooth sailing? Hopefully but I doubt it. The world is full of people like me who make good and poor choices that affect other people. Sometimes the puddles I splashed in were my own tears. I just chose to splash with Jesus right through them. It's much better than drinking from a dry well.

God gives me opportunities to let His light shine through me but too often that light hasn't shined very bright because of heart blockages. Heart blockages show up in the very un Christ like way I behave and are toxic to me and often to others. God loves me and wants that place inside me clean and healthy.

God woke me up in the middle of the night to give me the idea "Beauty Treatments for Your Soul" for me and for you dear reader. He wants His children to live free of soul toxins that cause heart blockages. Soul toxins are the spiritual plaque of sin we stuff inside us to reflect selfishness, bitterness, anger, un-forgiveness, pride, guilt, shame, jealousy, anxiety...and the worst toxin of all is drinking from a dry well. This is called idolatry. If you choose to take the Beauty Treatments and let go of these toxins your soul can rejoice in its health. In the private chambers of your heart you'll have room for joy, humility, unselfish acts of love, freedom to have forgiveness and love for yourself and others. You can walk in peace. Or you can choose to hold onto toxin(s) and not surrender them to the Lord. Take it from me, you can trust Him with whatever holds you back from the freedom of a clean heart. Just talk to Him about it. He is the Great Physician. He makes house calls 24/7.

I created my blog Quenched to encourage others. In my blog I share the things I learned, not from a scholarly concept but from a compassionate heart that was mended by Jesus. I invite you to snuggle into your favorite comfy spot and get online while I share my heart with you twice a month. Just one puddle splasher to another. Come on, splash joyfully with me through the puddles of life!

Be Quenched, Bobbie