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WIX made it doable, even for a non-techie like me.

If you do use WIX to create a website or blog, please e-mail me your success story. I look forward to hearing about it. 

Why I chose WIX

I chose WIX because it felt more comfortable to me and the templates were just right for what I needed. They have support on site with video's and tutorials or you can request a call from a WIX professional who can help you with your questions.

WIX gives you options:

1. Create the site yourself using a set of design tools and free templates.

2. Or input your information into WIX ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). ADI will actually create the site for you. Sweet.

3. I have now created three sites and as you can imagine, I am happily surprised and proud to have learned a new skill. I began one site in ADI then switched to creating the rest of it myself. So you can really have another option for making your website.

4. I took on too much in creating the three websites simultaneously and looked into hiring a designer to make sure I didn't miss anything.

5. WIX has new code options for people who are interested. It was over my level of expertise but nice for those who have the knowledge.

6. WIX does not offer website designers on staff but has a pool of trained designers who are experienced with WIX software and work independently from WIX. You can choose the designer you prefer and work out the details. In the end the cost of creating three websites was so much less than hiring a designer to create one site. Bob is very proud of me and appreciates me creating the sites.

My Website/Blog Story

My husband and I love to travel, Bob is the navigator and planer who usually likes to work the plan and stay on schedule. I am the spontaneous half of the duo and often find additional fun adventures on the side. My adventures totally throw off the schedule but at the end of the day we get where we're going and Bob is usually glad he followed my free spirited lead. Sometimes life involves adventures I don't want to take but in the end I'm glad I did. The "adventure" of creating a website was one of them. 

The first website

We like helping people and sharing helpful travel tips was so much fun we wanted to get our travel tips out to others. I checked out travel blogs, found them to be a great place to share tips. I learned that a blog or website could have affiliate marketing attached to support it. This sounded good. I am not techie and cringed at the thought of having to learn how to create a website. But after checking into prices, I found that hiring a website developer was not an option I wanted to choose. My husband and I could either take a trip we had been planning for or pay someone to develop a website for us. That's when I began to look into user friendly free websites, I say "I" because I am the more creative one and while Bob was planning the next trip I began to look into free website companies to help us make our idea a reality. Now we have our travel tip sharing site, Travel Thirsty Toes,, traveled on the money we would have paid a designer to create a website from scratch and monetized the blog for future income.

Two more websites

Since then I have created two more websites/blogs to offer encouragement, tips and a platform for my speaking/writing career. You see, I've always wanted to write and speak for Jesus. As I near retirement, I am having the opportunity to pursue my dreams and calling. Along the way, I found that a writer and or a speaker needs an online "platform." A platform is his or her own writers website/blog. Learning this meant I needed another website. That's when this site, was created. It's where I schedule women's speaking events and Biblical presentations. It's the home of my blog, Quenched. My blog is one of the places I reach out to women, encouraging them to live in joy and splash through the puddles of life. I invite you to sign up for our online community of joyful puddle splashers.


It's wonderful to live your dreams. I want to encourage you to pursue your dreams too. Hopefully you won't have to wait as long as I did.


Until a few years ago I was a newbie to the speaking/writing world. Since then I have learned a lot. I go at things full tilt and at first I felt like I was drowning in a sea of information. Learning about the world of writing and speaking was more information than I imagined and I have a really great imagination. To help other newbies I decided to write down what I learned (and am still learning) and put it into a new website called Speakers & Writers in Focused Training,, my third website. I hope it helps and encourages many writer/speaker newbies.

So in the space of a few years I have learned so much and created three websites.

Affiliate Marketing

As Bob and I near retirement, we were drawn to the idea of affiliate marketing for additional income. After checking out the options WIX is one of the companies we chose. If a premium plan is purchased after clicking through our site to WIX, we are eligible for financial compensation from the WIX affiliate program.

It's been a good adventure after all

Just for fun I began to create another WIX website the other day. It took me about thirty minutes. I still needed to add some bells and whistles but creating a website in thirty minutes was pretty good time for a woman who is known as a non-techie!

I am so glad I stepped out into the adventure of creating my own websites. My sites will be able to help people, we saved money and gained income too. Not bad for a techie newbie. If you are interested in creating your own FREE WIX website, just