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My Pastor, Dr. Stanley, has packed years of study into these notes and Life Principles.

This is my personal study Bible.

This book was so incredibly helpful to me. Dr. Stanley's transparency was a source of great encouragement to me.

Billy Graham is a pillar of Christian integrity and his devotional is a great way to begin the day.

I watch Joel most mornings and appreciate his gift of giving encouragement to others. Good read.

Jesus Calling is one of the devotionals I read each morning. It is written as thought Jesus is talking to You.

I read this book when my life was falling apart and used the Word to give me strength and hope in my God. It's true.

I know this author personally and prayer is VIP in her life. Praying God's promises is a powerful, helpful book. 

Elizabeth George writes a study that is challenging and doable for busy Mom's. I used this study on my lunch break at work. Great study!

Beth touches the heart once again and hits a tender spot for many women. This book is a great book for personal study.

Edie writes prayers with passion to those who have children in the military because she knows first hand how they feel. Great book on prayer.

Yes, we are all searching for significance but usually in the wrong places. Our significance is in our Lord or it is misplaced.

This book was very helpful to me in understanding how people expect love to be shown to them. We don't all expect love the same way. This book was a game changer for me.

Marriage is a journey but it can be a difficult one for many couples. Only God can heal and fill our deepest needs for love.

Hands down my favorite Christian fiction romance book.

I sat up till almost three in the morning reading it. I could not put it down because it spoke to my heart.

Controlling our thoughts is something that we don't really think about but the Bible teaches it. Such a helpful book!

The Christian walk doesn't have to be stressful. Mine was but now it isn't. Grace Walk helped me to get rid of personal condemnation.

This was one of my first bible studies and it was very helpful to me. I now give it as a gift to others.

Resting in my salvation sounded good but I wasn't doing it. This book helped me rest in the Lord and understand the Gospel like never before.

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