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What was the big deal about one apple anyway?

Was it an apple or not? I've wondered about this, have you? Apple, peach, pear, one really knows because the Bible doesn't tell us. It doesn't really matter in the end because the fruit was not the problem. The choice to doubt God caused the problem. Seeds of doubt The evil one, the devil, the tempter or whatever you might call him, hissed the seed of doubt into the minds of the first man and woman. Until this time, they completely trusted God but now they had a new thought to consider. Much like children raised in the bubble of their parents love coming upon their real first temptation in kindergarten. Satan, the deceiver, slithered into the garden, planting the seed of dou

What was it like to live in the Garden of Eden?

A Perfect World Imagine living in a world where you were perfectly accepted. Imagine living in a world where you knew that you were significant. Imagine living in a world where you were always at peace. The reality is, there was once a world like that and our ancestors, Adam and Eve lived there. What would it have been like inside them? Emotionally they had it all. No worries. No relational problems. How Do I Know That? In Genesis, the first book in the Bible, the story of this perfect world is told. I read it and long to live there myself. God created all things and on this earth He placed a special garden. Earthly gardeners plan beautiful gardens but just imagine how splendid God's design

What is God like anyway?

What a question, right? I can tell you what I know about Him. I learned it as I walked through life. My first picture of God I thought God was stern, uncaring and somewhere far, far away. My picture of God was not very flattering for much of my life. I didn't mean to see Him as someone authoritative, punishing, distant, unconcerned, and someone to be feared. After all if I wasn't a good girl I would go straight to hell, right? I wasn't perfect so you know where that left me. In a very fearful place. It's hard to be good enough when your best isn't...well, good enough. The mess on my set As I grew older I still loved God but kept Him at arms distance. Now I look back and think how patient He

Out with the old. In with the new!

Is this true? Here we are, on the threshold of a brand spankin' new year. It's about 11:30 pm on New Year's Eve...2018 is almost here. In the USA where I live, I have heard people say, "Out with the old and in with the new!" I ask myself, do I really believe that's possible? If I, or anyone else says I or they believe it, do we in our deepest heart really mean that? For myself, I believe and know it is true in my life. You can't move away from yourself. We all know that changing on the outside and changing in the deepest part of ourselves are very different things. It's possible to change behaviors and act differently. People do it all the time. Some people want a change so badly that they m

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