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Quiet, Serene, Thankful Heart

The older I get the more I am thankful for the little things...and the medium sized things...and the big things. All things have become big things really because I see them differently. Or perhaps I really see them for the first time. All things are not the means to the end that I was racing toward. The goals I set for myself. Good goals but goals that got in the way of the moment of clarity that would best be lived as a way of life. In years past I took so much for granted in the rush of life. Or perhaps I was just rushing through life not really thinking of the wonder around me. Not that I was completely oblivious. I Thanked God here and there in the rush and certainly went through the mot

Has life left you thirsty...for more?

We all have an inner hunger and thirst that people, achievements or wealth can’t quench. People try to fill that thirst with people, things, careers...but nothing satisfies for long. If your life is anything like mine, sometimes it can be a challenge wearing my many hats….hats of wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee, volunteering at church…the list goes on! I was so busy living life and trying to make life work the best way I knew how. All the while God was waiting for me to really take some time for Him. I was just too busy chasing after all that I thought would satisfy the deep hunger in my soul. The bucket of my heart was not overflowing – it was actually pretty parched in there. I

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