A note from Bobbie             

Dear Reader,

I am passionate to share encouragement with you through writing, speaking & teaching. 

This Georgia Peach has a passion to help people quench the thirst in their soul with the love and saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The Quench blog is my way of reaching out to women who need encouragement, are hurting or just long for more and don't know what will really satisfy them. I was that woman and long to let them know that there is hope and a future for you.

I understand what it's like to press the "Start Again," button on life when cherished dreams fall apart. During that difficult time in my life I found the love that does not disappoint. God has proven Himself faithful in all the joys and sorrows of my life. He has a far better plan than I could have imagined for my life - and I have a really good imagination! 

One of my favorite things to do is put my arm around someone and say,"Life may not turn out like you planned but it can still be great!"

With great love for You, know that I am praying that you will find what you are looking for...I am excited for you!

Be Quenched, Bobbie

About Bobbie

Bobbie is living her dream of speaking and writing for Jesus. She  speaks at women's events, seminars, trainings, writes her blog at Quenched and presents Biblical character portrayals to all ages at church gatherings. She also writes inspirational fiction, non-fiction, devotionals, family memoirs, and articles. Bobbie is the founder of Speakers & Writers In Focused Training (www.swiftseminars.com) and Travel Thirsty Toes (www.travelthirstytoes.com). She and her hubby live near Atlanta, Ga. They are a family focused couple who volunteer in the counseling ministry at their church, enjoy their three dogs and are always anticipating their next traveling adventure.