Do you feel loved and accepted?

Is your life joyful and peaceful?

Or, has life left you longing for more?

There is hope for more. Much more.

Bobbie King Iliff  

Author, Speaker, Mentor, Dog Lover & Life Traveler   

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 Dear Friend,

Has life left you thirsty for something more? I get it. I struggled to fill my inner emptiness with people, career, things...even religion.

But none of these was enough to really satisfy the deep thirst in my soul.

Finally I found lasting hope in the love that truly satisfies, the love of Jesus Christ. 

Now I passionately encourage others through my blog Quenched, mentoring, speaking, and writing.

Do you know what I mean?  Or does your heart still long for more?

God made that vast empty place in our hearts just for Him. Nothing else can fill it. He is seeking our hearts, so He can lavish us with His love in day to day relationship. Isn't that so sweet? I can't get over the God of the universe wanting to have a personal relationship with me. Is He calling to your heart dear reader? If you want to know more,  just click below.

My prayer for you is that your inner thirst will be Quenched, Bobbie 


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Does your group need an award winning speaker with a passion to encourage

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Quenched, is my blog on this website. I blog from my heart to encourage my readers because even though we know life is sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, but sometimes it can be hard.  Things didn't always turn out like I planned. How about you?


I also occasionally write about the life lessons I've learned from my dogs. I've learned a lot from those two blonds. They keep me laughing. I love to write about the latest funny and sweet things they do.


Join me to splash joyfully through the puddles of the real life struggles we face.

I welcome your prayer requests and promise to pray for them. 

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Does your event or church service

need some drama ?

Another joy of mine is bringing the women of the Bible to life through dramatic Biblical character portrayals to church groups of all ages.

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I invite you to read these devotionals I wrote for Christian Broadcasting Network. 

Hope they encourage you and help you grow in your faith!

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"Garden of Blessings," was inspired by health issues that caused me to dig deeper in my faith.

I wrote "Legacy of Love," to honor my parents. 

Hope you are blessed by them. Bobbie

      Travel Tips for Your Trip

   Sharing Travel Tips with a Few Million Close Friends


Bobbie & her husband, Bob, love to travel!


Bobbie & Bob enjoy going to new places, talking about Jesus with new friends along the route, and sharing the travel tips found along the way. So they created their travel blog Travel Tips for Your Trip. The photo to the left was taken from their hotel room overlooking Niagara Falls. Now you know where the rainbow ends! Check out a few tips and let us know what you think! The site is still being refined so please be patient with us. We had more travels than the site can function properly with. We are working on that. What a great problem, right?

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Be an Encourager today ! 

You never know whose day you may brighten:)

 Praying or talking to God about our day to day concerns is one way we show our dependence on His guidance. Bobbie invites you to join in prayer with friends and loved ones. You never know when a friend may need a kind word and a hug!

Live Your Calling
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"Life may not turn out like you thought it would, but with Jesus it can still be great. 

I know this to be true. Be encouraged!"

Bobbie King Iliff

Bobbie & Bob, Atlanta Symphony Orchestry

I want to thank all those who have believed in me, spoken encouraging words, poured into my life and helped me along the way. I didn't have pictures of all of you, but I love you all! I will do my best to pass that love along to others. Bobbie

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About me

I am a Georgia peach who's living my dream of writing and speaking for Jesus. I'm exciting to share what I've learned on my life's journey. I hope it helps you when the ups and downs come your way. Life can be an emotional roller coaster sometimes, can't it?

 It's so much easier to navigate life with Jesus and the friends He blesses us with!

 Be encouraged. I hope to hear from you. Big hug, Bobbie